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Gamelan of Sumedang Larang

Another contribution from Rudolf Gunawan when he visited Museum Prabu Geusan Ulun Sumedang. Text and photos below copyright of Rudolf Gunawan. Check the original post, here.

Gamelan Sari Oneng Mataram was a present from Mataram kingdom. Story has it that this set of beautiful instrument was won over a candlenut match between the commander of Sumedang and Mataram during the rule of Pangeran Rangga Gempol III (1656 -1706). As you can see from its name, this set of gamelan is obviously a Javanese one. Made in Mataram, the carving shows a strong character of Mataram style, and the tone is pelog.

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Gedung Srimanganti

I just found a nice post about Gedung Srimanganti and Gamelan of Sumedang Larang (will be posted next post). Decided to ask the author, and gladly-to-say he granted me to share his good works here, at Sumedang Daily Photo. You also can read the complete story on his blog, here. Text and photos below copyright Rudolf Gunawan.

Sumedang, West Java, is an old town rich in history that is often being forgotten. I visited its museum finally for the first time -Museum Prabu Geusan Ulun- and really in love with the building. A colonial architecture that simple in details, humble but grand at the same time.
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Helaran Pusaka Sumedang #5

Seorang siswi sekolah dasar didampingi bupati Sumedang Don Murdono sedang diwawancara mengenai kesan-kesannya tentang acara Helaran Pusaka.

This is the last series of Helaran Pusaka, the fifth. I try to capture some pictures from a point of view of a spectator. Please enjoy.

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Helaran Pusaka Sumedang #4

This is the 4th series of Helaran Pusaka, proudly present for The Weekend in Black and White. Please enjoy more photos below. Have a great weekend everyone! :)

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