Friday, April 20, 2012

It's Kuda Renggong Time!

Kelompok seni kuda renggong Mekar Laharja disela-sela perayaan menyambut HUT Sumedang ke- 434 di alun-alun Sumedang.

Kuda renggong (lit: Renggong horse) is one of the folk art performances originally from Sumedang and founded by Aki Sipan (in 1880s). This attraction present a well-trained horse which has colorful decorative to dance and doing some special movements, such as pretend to figth or lying down while the tamer dance above him. The performance of Kuda Renggong usually held for circumcision ceremony where a circumcision’s child would dressed likes a king or warrior and then go up to horseback. Enjoy more photos of kuda renggong below. ;)

Traditional musicians

 Play dead

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  1. Polina from ukraine:
    interesting photos!


  2. thank you so much. fosbor good Archive


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