Saturday, March 10, 2012

Helaran Pusaka Sumedang #5

Seorang siswi sekolah dasar didampingi bupati Sumedang Don Murdono sedang diwawancara mengenai kesan-kesannya tentang acara Helaran Pusaka.

This is the last series of Helaran Pusaka, the fifth. I try to capture some pictures from a point of view of a spectator. Please enjoy.

There is also the Baronsai and the Dragon

Capture the moment

"Look at to the camera, kids!"

Journalists and visitors photographed the moment Don, the Sumedang regent, puts the Binokasih crown inside Kereta Kencana Naga Paksi

Most of the spectators are students of elementary schools and kindergarten.

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  1. Hi Dindin, I've really enjoyed this series on Helaran Rusaka, interesting to see all the journalists with their cameras flashing. Beautifully documented.


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