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Penduduk desa kampung Nangorak
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Di masa lalu, kolecer merupakan sebuah simbol kemakmuran urang Sunda

Kolecer is Sundanese traditional propeller made from awi or bamboo. Kolecer are usually found in every Sundanese village. Villagers made kolecer for chasing away pest in the paddy fields by using its helicopter-like sound, besides it is also useful for entertaining them.

The video below provides you a documentary of how to make a kolecer by a villager at Kampung Cisaat, Subang. No English subtitle.
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Penari Rama-Sinta

A female dancer poses as a Sinta

Sinta is Rama's beloved wife in the Ramayana epic. The photo session was held in the lush green paddy fields, which is appropriate to Sinta's character as goddess of the earth. This is a photo by Iwan Kristiana and also participated on Weekend Portrait.
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Happy 66th Anniversary, Indonesia!

Whatever, I love Indonesia!

 Logo credit: kdri
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Aliran sungai berundak-undak di buper Cipadayungan.

Buper Cipadayungan merupakan salah satu objek wisata alam di Sumedang, tepatnya di kecamatan Cimalaka. Tempat ini biasanya ramai pada akhir pekan, baik untuk sekedar ber-refreshing ataupun melakukan kegiatan organisasi. Aliran sungai berundak di atas bersumber dari curug Cipadayungan yang berada di atasnya.

Cipadayungan camping ground is one of the natural tourism objects in Sumedang and it's always busy and crowded on weekend. It's easy to get there, you can reach there either by foot, bike, or car. I just took this photo in the last few week, on a weekend trip with my friends. This is my participation on Scenic Sunday.
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Pulang Mengaji

Pulang dari sekolah agama

The kids were on their way back home after attending informal class of Islamic education. Besides the formal education they had in the morning,  it's very typical for the most moslem family here to ask their children attending pengajian or an informal class of Islamic education on the afternoon.
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Weekend Portrait #23

Favorite photo from the last week by Olivier

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