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Street Sign

Plang jalan Pangeran Suryaatmaja

A common street sign, here in Sumedang.
More fun with selective coloring on Color Splash Sunday.
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Horse Rental

Tukang sewa kuda di alun-alun Sumedang

You know, kids are the loyal customer. : ) But, you, adults, can enjoy city horse riding too if you want. The route is only around Sumedang town square. This photo is for Weekend Portrait and The Weekend in Black and White.

Word of the day:
Kuda = Horse
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F is for Friendship

Keakraban di pagi hari

At those morning, those two becak-men seem they had a warm conversation.
This is my participation on ABC Wednesday and Black and White Wednesday.
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Purple Building

Toko kelontong Yasmin

That purple building is  a convenience store. It named "Yasmin".
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Gorengan Street Vendor

Penjual gorengan
I  met him during my street hunting, the man was preparing his stuff.
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My Girl

Just call this beautiful girl with kebaya, Rhara. My girl.

Share your portrait on Weekend Portrait or your monochrome on The Weekend in Black and White.
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Taleus Street Vendor

Penjual taleus di sekitar Taman Endog Sumedang

Taleus in a sundanese name for those taro. My mother usually serve it as a kolak, otherwise, she also can serve it as a gorengan (fried snack).

Word of the day:
Taleus = Taro
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Reading a Newspaper

Pak polisi pun tak ingin ketinggalan berita hangat pagi ini.

This is my participation on Outdoor Wednesday and Sepia Scenes.
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Sandal Street Vendor

Barang dagangan penjual sandal di dekat pos polisi Pacific
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Weekend Portrait #1

Hello guys, I'd like to invite you to participate at the first time of Weekend Portrait meme. All about portrait. It has started on Friday 11 Feb 2011, and will end on Monday 14 Feb 2011.

Just follow this link for participating :

Happy Weekend!

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Pulang Ngarit

Abah pulang ngarit jukut

The old man was on the way back to his home, after looking for grass for feeding his livestock. Photo taken by Hasbarullah Ali. The photo is my participation on The Weekend in Black and White and Weekend Portrait.

Word of the day:
Jukut = Grass
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New Header

I just love to create something new... :)
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Panning #2 - Suzuki Thunder 125

Another panning from the same location like yesterday's post. Using selective color in post-processing. Here is the link for you, in case you want to create it. By the way, is there any photo meme of the selective color in Blogger? Like this one for example.
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Panning #1 - Matic Race

Pura-pura balapan

I usually take panning photos when I enjoy my leisure time in some roadside food stall with my camera on my hand, it's really fun.
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Billboard #4 - Kopi ABC

Billboard Kopi ABC "Generasi Penuh Solusi"

Just because you drink these coffee doesn't mean you will got your solutions.
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Toasted Bread and Tea

Sarapan roti bakar keju dan teh hangat di Cafe 21

Toasted bread layered with shaved cheese, and hot tea. Happy breakfast!
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Used Tires Street Vendor

Deretan ban di salah satu lapak penjual ban bekas di daerah Sindangraja

Anyway, I love the way he arranged his stuffs to attract the customers.
This is my participation on The Weekend in Black and White.
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Vegetable Street Vendor

Tukang Sayur 

Tukang sayur sedang menggelar dagangannya di suatu pagi.
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C is for C70

Motor Klasik Honda C70

Now, Honda C70 is a type of classic Honda. It must be so famous during my father's era. :)
This is my first participation on ABC Wednesday.

Word of the day:
Ban = Tire
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Es Pisang Ijo

Es Pisang Ijo

Es pisang ijo (literally: Green Banana Ice) is one of my favorite food, an Indonesian traditional food. It's just so yummy...! :)
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