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Blok Mesin Honda Tiger 2000

This is 200cc single cylinder engine of Honda Tiger of mine. The bike was firstly produced in 1994, it's so popular here in Indonesia. Beside that, there are so many biker groups that formed in every city based on their similarity in riding Honda Tiger. There are so many Honda Tiger Clubs/Communities in this country.

Word of the day:
Maung = Tiger
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Ignored Post Box

Kapan terakhir kali anda mengirim surat lewat kotak pos?

When was the last time you sent a letter through the eye-catching post box?
This picture is my participation on The Weekend in Black and White.
Happy weekend, guys! :)
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Ananda Collection

Berbagai jenis sepatu wanita di Toko Sepatu "Ananda Collection"

There are so many types of women shoes sold here in friendly price. Anyway, I was accompanying my sister bought her shoes.

Word of the day:
Sapatu = Shoes
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Tugu Perbatasan #2 (Sumedang - Majalengka)

Tugu ini merupakan tanda perbatasan antara Kabupaten Sumedang dengan Kabupaten Majalengka. Berada di Desa Kirisik, Kecamatan Jatinunggal.
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Gedung Kereta Museum Prabu Geusan Ulun

Inilah bangunan Gedung Kereta Museum Prabu Geusan Ulun.
Didalamnya tersimpan kereta legendaris Naga Paksi

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Never Leave History

Antusiasme siswa terhadap sejarah kota kelahirannya.
Semoga terus terpelihara.

Abraham Lincoln said that "one cannot escape history", while Soekarno said that "never leave history". Those remind us that whatever happened now, never forget our history, your own history.

Word of the day:
Tong = Don't
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Jepara's Teak Woodcut

Salah satu model ukiran kayu Jepara yang terkenal, koleksi Museum Prabu Geusan Ulun Sumedang

Jepara, a city in Central Java. It's so famous around this country due to its beautiful detailed wood carving. Jepara is carving city. The picture above is one of a collection in Museum prabu Geusan Ulun Sumedang.

Anyway, It's my participation on The Weekend in Black and White.
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Salah satu koleksi bonang di Museum Prabu Geusan Ulun

What is Bonang?
Bonang is one of Indonesian traditional musical instrument used in gamelan.

Word of the day:
Ngibing = Dance
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Iting's Satay

Rumah makan sate Pak Iting di kawasan bypass Sumedang

Who's Iting? If you try to ask local who is he, you'll get to know that they considered him as a founder of famous satay restaurant in this city, Sate Pak Iting. If you're a fan of satay, then you have to try this special one.

Word of the day:
Saha? = Who?
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Scenic Sunday #4

Langit sore kemarin

Click here to see another beautiful view around the world.

Word of the day:
Sonten = Afternoon
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Rainbow over the cloudy sky

Pelangi di langit mendung

This is my participation on Skywatch Friday.

Word of the day:
Katumbiri = Rainbow
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Fishes and Bottles

Ikan Cupang dalam botol siap dijual

The fishes in the bottles are Betta fish. I love those fishes. They are small, colorful and coquettish.

Word of the day:
Lauk = Fish
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Bubur Kacang Ijo Street Vendor

Joging di pagi hari lalu menyantap sarapan dengan bubur kacang ijo.

Bubur kacang ijo or green beans porridge in English, is one of famous food here. It usually mix with black rice and coconut milk, but, I'd rather eat it without coconut milk. If you curious about how it's made, click here.

Word of the day:
Cipati = Coconut milk
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Dragon Trumpet

Terompet naga

From now I will provide my post with a Sundanese-English word, such a word-of-the day (WOTD). So, my first word-of the-day is:

Tarompet = Trumpet
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New Year's Eve in Sumedang

Suasana malam tahun baru di Sumedang, macet!
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Trumpet Vendor

Pedagang mainan terompet tahun baru

The vendor was on his way back to home after selling his stuffs last night, during new year's eve.
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My Sister's Hamsters' Cage

Kandang hamster

This lovely pink hamsters' cage is my first mobile post from Nokia C5. Anyway, "Wilujeng Tepang Taun" (Happy New Year) for all of you, guys. Happy 2011... All the best for you and me.
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