Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kereta Kencana Naga Paksi

Kereta Kencana Naga Paksi (Naga Paksi Carriage)

Berurutan dari kiri ke kanan, Kereta Kencana Naga Paksi yang asli dan dua buah replikanya. Yang paling kanan merupakan Naga Paksi terbaru generasi sekarang, dimana kereta tersebut digunakan pada saat prosesi perpindahan pusat pemerintahan bulan lalu. Ketiga kereta kencana ini tersimpan apik di Gedung Kereta Museum Prabu Geusan Ulun.

From left to right, the original Naga Paksi, the old replica and the new one. Naga means Dragon, while Paksi means Elephant, which are refer to the carriage head. The original Naga Paksi carriage used when the family of the Sumedanglarang Kingdom held a big event, such as a wedding. It built in the reign of Pangeran Sugih (1882), older than The 1902 State Landau.

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  1. Those are amazing and very unusual! I'd feel like a king riding in one!

  2. Foto-fotonya bagus dan narasinya menarik. Keep it up!

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