Friday, April 01, 2011

Weekend Portrait #8

1-3 April 2011

It's not April Fool's Day!
I'm so sorry for some technical problem that cause missing all links. Since my account in Linky Tool  is 'unpaid version', they turn off all of my links. It is too expensive  for me spent about $20/year to get my 'paid version'. So, now I reuse  the service from Mister Linky (ML). I plan to change my  membership there into silver member which cost $5/year, unfortunately,  another problem happened. I have no paypal's verified account (sigh...).  I've already ask the ML admin about the possibility of using Western Union for payment. Hope it would solved.

Do you have any ideas about this? Or would you be my partner as an admin on Weekend Portrait, and would help me in this unpleasant situation?

Anyway, you still can participate for Weekend Portrait #8. :)
Once again, Sorry for this inconvenience.

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  1. Try - their unpaid subscriptions allows as many text link sets as you want, at this point you only pay if you want thumbnail images. It's what I'm trying for my new Sunday Scans meme (


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