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Ngaladangan is a sundanese word means serving. In the picture, the woman was serving the customers who want to buy gorengan (fried food).
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Above The City

Di atas ketinggian kotaku

Another picture of paragliding activity in Toga Hill. Another way to enjoy the city sightseeing. Another photo from Iwan Kristiana.
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Cincin Bridge

Jembatan Cincin di Jatinangor. Semoga suatu hari jembatan ini akan aktif kembali dilintasi kereta api.

Cincin bridge (literally: ring bridge) was built by the national railway company of The Netherlands called Staat Spoorwagen Verenidge Spoorwegbedrijf in 1918. Unfortunately, this exotic bridge is no longer activated since the early of '40s when Indonesia was colonized by Japan.
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Slow Speed in High Speed

Iseng-iseng motret mode slow shutter di jalan tol

As a passenger, I tried to do something to kill my boredom. I was capturing this picture in slow shutter speed mode while my father drove the car in high speed. Anyway, we're on the way back home from Bandung.
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Mango Street Vendor

Pedagang mangga di alun-alun Sumedang
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