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Parking Man

Tukang parkir di toko kerudungkubagus

Most of the Indonesian-parking man wore the orange uniform.
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This picture is for Skywatch Friday.
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Old Car

Mobil tua di depan Toko MM Salaka

I believe, it should be an old car. But, unfortunately I didn't know what car is this.
Do you know what car is that?

This picture is my participation on Outdoor Wednesday.
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Manekin di Kerudungkubagus

Imagine, what does she look like?
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1st Anniversary Post : Tukang Tahu

Tukang Tahu di bundaran Alamsari

A tofu man fully equipped with bongsang (a container for tofu above his head). Crispy fried tofu is the most famous culinary of Sumedang. It's also notable in Indonesia because its special taste. So, if you'd like to come visit Sumedang, tofu must be put on your a-must-eat food list. You have to taste it at least once in your lifetime. :)

Anyway, has run for 1 year until today. Thank you very much for all visitors, either a new or a loyal one, my city daily photo friends, and also for all of your comments so far. It's mean a lot for me and I really appreciate it too. Thanks, guys!

p.s. :
I will celebrate Idul Fitri Day tomorrow and take a mudik.
I wish you all a very happy and peaceful Idul Fitri. Minal Aidin wal Faidzin.
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Growing Season

Pemandangan persawahan di Tanjungkerta

This is one of my panoramic photo projects I made from Hugin software. I stitched three photos for resulting the panoramic photo above. You'd love to try, it's really fun and also free.

It's my participation on Outdoor Wednesday. See another participants' photos, here.
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Inside the car #2

Suatu pagi di jalan Prabu Geusan Ulun

I drove a car this early morning and found that street was so beautifully quiet. Gosh, I miss traffic jam! lol...
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Scenic Sunday #3: 06.00 AM

Menikmati pagi hari di salah satu sudut kota Sumedang

This fresh beautiful landscape was taken by Iwan Kristiana, one of local professional photographers, a new contributor. Thanks bro, for your kindness.
See more beautiful scenery photos from around the world, here.
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