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Warm Sunset

It was a beautiful moment, warm and friendly. Happy Friday. See another beautiful photo in Skywatch Friday.
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Sunrise View From Toga Hill

Suasana saat matahari terbit dari balik Gunung Ciremai pada hari pertama bulan Ramadhan.  Foto diambil di Bukit Toga.

It was my old collection. I took this picture on the first day of Ramadhan two years ago. This is my participation on Scenic Sunday and for welcoming the month of Mercy, Ramadhan, next month. Anyway, an inactive volcanic mountain in the background is called Ciremai (3078 m asl), the highest mountain in West Java.
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Old House

Rumah Tua di depan GIM Sumedang

I believe that this house was one of the oldest house in my town. Located in Prabu Geusan Ulun street no. 150, it has a clean yard and always be quiet there. I was so curious about the inside, but unfortunately I didn't meet with the housekeeper at those time to ask. May be next time...

This picture is my participation in The Weekend in Black and White.
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A for A Mild

Billboard salah satu produk Sampoerna, A Mild, di perempatan Ojolali.

A simple eye catching billboard from one of Indonesian cigarette companies, Sampoerna.
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Arabic Calligraphy Street Vendor

Kaligrafi arab untuk hiasan dinding

Those fancy Arabic calligraphy were made by local artist or calligrapher, and written upon the lamb leather. You can find out more information about calligraphy on wikipedia.
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Orange Street Vendor

Pedagang jeruk di depan Toko Encep
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Stadion Achmad Yani

Bermain sepak bola di sore hari
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The Grand Mosque Tower

Sisi lain menara Mesjid Agung Sumedang

Check another beautiful monochrome, here.
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TV Antena

An outdoor tv antena

This picture is my participation on Skywatch Friday.
Look... Those clouds look like a human and a bird.
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Cotton Candy Man

Pedagang Arumanis di alun-alun Sumedang

A cotton candy man in action.
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