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Sekretariat Perses

Sekretariat Klub Sepakbola Sumedang Perses

Perses (Sumedang Football Association) is a football club in Sumedang. The greatest ever Perses player was Wowo Sunaryo. He played for this club in the 50s. Wowo puts his name in The Asian Games 1958 (Tokyo, Japan) as the top scorer of Indonesia national football team.
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Rujak Bebek

Pedagang rujak bebek/rujak tumbuk

Rujak bebek/tumbuk (Literally: Crushed fruit salad) made from various kind of tropical fruits and then it was being crushed together in a wooden mortar including the sauces which is containing of chili or chili powder, salt, terasi, and coconut sugar. It's hot, sour and sweet. Hmmm... What a delicious food during this dry season.
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Inside the car

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Paddy Fields #2

Check another beautiful monochrome, here.
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Electricity Pylon

Menara SUTET

Two electricity pylons on paddy fields. Those cables look like an air traffic line.

This picture is my participation on SF (Skywatch Friday).

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Traditional Medicine Street Vendor

Pedagang obat di alun-alun Sumedang

The vendor sells various kinds of traditional medicines made from animals such as snake, bat, monkey and lizard. To be honest, I don't really interested in alternative drugs for curing my diseases, but I love the way he offers his stuffs through "story telling".
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Miniature Handicraft Street Vendor

Pedagang souvenir miniatur sedang menjajakan daganganya di sekitar alun-alun Sumedang pada akhir pekan. Dijual mulai harga 10 ribu rupiah.

The vendor offering many kinds of miniature souvenirs which is made from wood. There are scooters, cars, motorcycles, guitars, drum kits, also traditional music instruments such as goong and kecapi are available. Check this site if you're interested.
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Wheelie on rusty scooter

Wheelie on a Scooter

A scooterist from VAC (Vespa Antique Club) Sumedang was doing a wheelie trick on his rusty vespa at Sumedang Sunday Fun.

This picture is for monochrome weekend.
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Hula Hoop Street Vendor

Pedagang hula hoop di depan Mesjid Agung Sumedang

Hula hoop becoming more popular right now, here.
One of a hula hoop street vendor sells his stuffs for US$1-5 regarding to its size. It's quite cheap, isn't it?.
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Knife street vendor

Knife street vendor

Pedagang senjata tajam di alun-alun Sumedang, terlihat sedang menjajakan barang dagangannya. Ada belati, golok, kujang, dll.

The vendor offers various kind of knives such as daggers, golok, kujang (a sundanese traditional blade), etc.
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Safety Riding Contest

An Instructor from Sumedang police departmen

Dalam rangka menyambut HUT BHAYANGKARA Ke 64, Polres Sumedang mengadakan acara Safety Riding Sunday Fun di sebagian ruas jalan P. Geusan Ulun. Bekerjasama dengan dealer dan klub-klub motor yang ada di kota Sumedang.

A safety riding instructor attempted a zig zag challenge through the traffic cones. Another challenges were figure eight turn, stop and go, circles, "S" turn, and riding balancing.
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Topeng Monyet

Mask Monkey Performance

Salah satu pertunjukan topeng monyet yang digelar di alun-alun Sumedang pada akhir pekan. Topeng monyet atau dalam masyarakat Sunda lebih dikenal dengan sebutan doger monyet, merupakan salah satu pertunjukan kesenian tradisional jalanan yang sangat populer di Indonesia.

Topeng monyet (literally: Mask Monkey) is one of a famous traditional performance in Indonesia. The origin of word "mask" comes from the acts of the trained-monkey that usually wear a mask during its performance. The monkey also usually performs some attraction that is pretending to be and do like a human being such as riding a bike or a car (toy), wearing some uniform, going shopping, etc..
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Vandalisme #2

Vandalisme di Alfamart Kebon Kol

Vandalism where the beauty is going somewhere.
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Scenic Sunday #2: Sawah dan Pegunungan

Green paddy fields surrounded by misty mountains

See more beautiful scenery photos from around the world, here.

Pacuan Kuda Sumedang
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Tukang Sampah

A Dustman
Tukang sampah khas Indonesia, serba kuning-kuning.
Terima kasih, wahai bapak tukang sampah atas jasamu membersihkan kota kami.

He was typically an Indonesian-dustman, wore yellow uniform and always brought his yellow cart too. Thank you Mr. Dustman for cleaning up our earth
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