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A Colorful Engine

Here, this colorful machine is usually used by a tire-patcher.
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Taman Endog #2

Taman Endog Sumedang di malam hari.

Previously, I took a picture of the Egg Park in the morning. See here.
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The Overcast

Langit mendung menutup pemandangan Gunung Tampomas.

The view of an overcast sky above was 'a usual thing' during rainy season in this country. Wet and dark. See another cool monochrome around the world, here.
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Kolam Renang Cibingbin

Kolam renang Cibingbin ini merupakan salah satu objek wisata alam di Sumedang. Berjarak kurang lebih 7 km dari pusat kota Sumedang.

This swimming pool is located in a village named Cibingbin in Citengah, one of the famous tourism areas in Sumedang. Here, you can enjoy the Sundanese traditional foods and beverages also, such as: Karedok, Lotek, Bajigur, etc. This area are purely provide you a tropical village atmospher.
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I want to break free... See more cool monochrome around the world, here.
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