Monday, September 20, 2010

Parking Man

Tukang parkir di toko kerudungkubagus

Most of the Indonesian-parking man wore the orange uniform.

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  1. This is interesting, as we don't have anything like a parking man here. What does he do?

  2. I think you can find those everywhere. I don't know about the hat though.

  3. @ Al: The parking man will keep and arrange the visitor's vehicle that is parked along his/her parking area. Every parking man have their own territory. He/she will be get paid by the vehicle owner for their job. The tariff are Rp1000/car and Rp500/motorcycle (US$ 0,1). Some place like bank or mall usually had have a more formal parking system.

  4. Thanks for the answer. Sounds like what we'd call a "valet" here, which are typically available only at high-end shopping malls and hotels.


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