Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pacuan Kuda Sumedang

Pacuan Kuda Sumedang ini merupakan warisan dari Bupati Sumedang tahun 1880-an yaitu Pangeran Aria Suriaatmaja yang lebih dikenal masyarakat sebagai Pangeran Mekah.

Sumedang Horse Track. This picture is my participation in Skywatch Friday.

7 komentar:

  1. Beautiful composition. I really like this photo.

  2. Great photo! I love the way the clouds look.
    Thanks for stopping by the House :-)

  3. Great sky you caught there!

  4. goddamnit gorgeous!!! but too much editing would make no difference to the picture mostly, try to be more natural and has character ..cheers :D

    godbless sumedang

  5. hhhe negri aing negri sumedang


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