Friday, April 30, 2010

Cloudy Dusk

I went to my ex- senior high school, in SMAN 1 Cimalaka Sumedang, just this evening and met some old classmates. We talked, played, climbed the wall climbing and doing any fun. It was a great rendezvous at that time with beautiful cloudy sky upon our head.  Anyway, Happy nice weekend ladies and gentlemen!

This picture is my particapation in Monochrome Weekend.

7 komentar:

  1. What a beautiful sky!

  2. Lovely mono...great shot, too...

    Salam kenal yah

  3. Saya lihat linknya di monochrome...pemandangannya bagus, dan saya pernah KKN selama 3 bulan di Sumedang Utara, Desa Cipancar. Kita tidak boleh bilang kucing, hanya enyeng :-) This is a good picture, and I like the cloud pattern over the school building!

  4. Such a dramatic sky!Great shot!

  5. That sky is very attractive - I feel I could touch it.


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