Saturday, February 27, 2010

Breaking the rules!

Are you brave enough to ride a motorcycle like this? See more cool monochrome around the world, here.

6 komentar:

  1. I'd like to ride without a helmet, but not without shoes! Well caught.

  2. Rule are made to be broken. And this guy is real living proof.

  3. he say : where is the toilet?
    mungkin si aa lagi kebelet hoyong pipis...

    mantep pisan focusing na kang..

  4. @Dragonstar:Hehe.. yes, so your braveness level still below this man. :)
    @peppermint: Yah, terkadang memang dibuat untuk dilanggar... :)
    @Deden: Curiga kababyan ieu mah nya. Hehehe.
    Hatur nuhun kang...

  5. I love the moveent in this photo! Don't think I'm brave enough to ride like that...I can barely ride a normal bicycle ;D


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