Monday, September 28, 2009

Mini 4WD Street Vendor

Penjual Mobil-mobilan Tamiya

Actually, the most famous brand of Mini 4WD is named Tamiya. This street vendor usually sell his stuffs (actually, itsn't Tamiya) in the town square. He offers various types and, of course, with different prices. The cheapest one priced $1.5 and the most expensive ones was $5 (recent exchange rates; USD 1 = IDR 9.750).

The track is free kids! Show me yours...

6 komentar:

  1. Nice subject, angle, and story, Dindin.

    Boleh sedikit kritik ya? :D
    Untuk foto dokumenter, kayaknya saturasi warna dan ketajamannya agak terlalu tinggi.

    Oh, sudah beli domain sendiri ya? Great! Kasih tahu yang sudah link biar mengubah alamatnya.

  2. that is one of my dream, have big tamiya circuit with faster tamiya... hahaha....

    English? Hmm... dont be doubtful to explore your english... Dont to be afraid with wrong grammar etc :p

    Or if you want easier, might be you can use translator from google,

  3. ups.. almost forget... "mampir ke jogja ya... hahaha..."

  4. jadi ingat masa lalu..:D

  5. I always enjoy to watch at your urban street shots.



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