Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gunung Geulis

Gunung Geulis (Beautiful Mountain), located in Tanjung Sari, one of Sumedang sub district. It was my old collection. I took this picture when I was hiking to Mount Manglayang last year. It was a great morning at that time, and the mist below make it more dramatic for me.

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  1. Beautiful picture my is our is our home lets make Sumedang become destination Area in a future..


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  2. not good, but excellent work,not your home , our home, with no border. any where of world is home, home of any one who loves live.

  3. Looks like being on top of the world.

  4. I'm glad you brought it out of your archives — it's a gorgeous photo! I love the mist too.

    I am so forgetful I don't even remember if I've already welcomed you to the CDP community. If I haven't, then welcome! If I have, then double welcome! ;)

  5. Hi Roy and Marewa,

    This one nice shot you have here. I just stumbled your link thru a friend's blog and I am so glad that one by one, more Indonesian city become the member of CDP Community.

    hey just take a look on my Sanabis DP lah


  6. Great picture! The mist does make for a dramatic shot.

  7. mantap!!!!!
    di fotonya dari mana???

  8. @Anonymous : Hatur nuhun. Foto diambil dari arah Gunung Manglayang.

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